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Anne St. Clair Wright

Anne St. Clair Wright


Anne St. Clair Wright, dedicated preservationist and landscape designer,  was a leading founder of  Historic Annapolis Incorporated in 1952 and led this private organization until 1987.

Explore this website to find out more about Anne St. Clair Wright, her work and the history of the architecture of Annapolis.

St.Clair Wright receives another award
St. Clair Wright has been awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Chamber of Commerce of Annapolis, Maryland, at a celebratory dinner on November 4, 2012 in Annapolis.
She was recognized for four decades of work in Historic Preservation, tirelessly working to preserve Colonial Annapolis. The award was presented in the 60th year of Historic Annapolis Foundation, originally Historic Annapolis Incorporated.
The award with photograph of St.Clair Wright will be displayed in the St. Clair Wright Room at the Annapolis History Museum at 99 Main Street, downtown Annapolis.  

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